Individual Benefits

  • Earn a nationally recognized credential accredited by the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium that distinguishes you as a professionally trained public manager
  • Participate in a comprehensive and academically grounded program
  • Apply the skills you learn to the job you hold today and the one you seek tomorrow
  • Advance your management and leadership skills
  • Demonstrate your newly developed expertise to your organization through your capstone project.
  • Become eligible to receive graduate credits toward the University of Baltimore’s Master of Public Administration program (
  • Broaden your network of professionals in public service
  • Become part of a national network of certified public managers and eligible to join the American Academy of Certified Public Managers

Babila Lima “In addition to the very relevant CPM coursework, the other real benefit was the network of other professionals with whom I developed relationships over the course of the program. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with CFFOs, chiefs of staff, directors of operations and other senior-level public-sector managers and decision-makers to hash out problems and approaches to ethical, procurement or leadership challenges was an education I would not have received elsewhere.”

Babila Lima, CPM
Senior Business Process Improvement Manager
Baltimore City Department of General Services

Elizabeth Briscoe“The Maryland CPM Program has benefitted my career immensely. It has elevated my professional and managerial skills and given me additional confidence in my leadership capabilities. I continue to work as executive director of Action in Maturity, but through the knowledge I gained as a student in the CPM Program, I have grown and increased its capacity. AIM has become more entrepreneurial in its operating with earned income and not as dependent on government and private funding.”

Elizabeth Briscoe, CPM
Executive Director
Action in Maturity