Agency Benefits

Certified Public Manager – The Gold Standard in Public Sector Management Training

  • Accredited Program: The Maryland CPM program is accredited by the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium.
  • Competency-Based: The Maryland CPM program focuses on the core competencies of public sector management.
  • Academically Grounded and Applied: Taught by public management experts with an emphasis on real-world applications.
  • Recognized Credential: The Certified Public Manager® credential is recognized nationally.
  • Succession planning: Prepare managers for advancement.
  • Retention: Developing employees improves job satisfaction and employee loyalty decreasing turnover.
  • Recruitment: Organizations with CPM graduates may be more attractive to potential applicants.
  • Employee Development: The CPM program can be part of an organization’s comprehensive employee development program.
  • Improved Organizational Management: Participants’ improved management skills leads to more effective management of the organization.
  • Innovation: Participants bring new skills and energy back to the organization fostering innovation.
  • Organizational Problem Solving: Participants’ capstone projects focus on solving specific problems or challenges for their organization.
  • Intergovernmental Relationships: Participants come from a variety of public organizations. Relationships built in the classroom can transcend to organizations creating opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.

Michael Sanderson“Public agencies need to develop leadership and management from within. The Certified Public Manager® program gives county employees the critical skills they need to rise as leaders in government. It’s a good investment in their staff their agency, and their services…I’ve learned that the quality of leadership determines the overall success of a workplace. A leader sets the tone, gives the organization permission and the parameters to passionately pursue mission-driven activities. … a CPM is equipped to be this type of leader—a change agent, a transformer and a stabilizer. My ability to serve as a leader in my organization was perfected as a result of my CPM experience.”

Michael Sanderson
Executive Director
Maryland Association of Counties (MACo)

“I highly recommend The Maryland Certified Public Manager Program offered by the Schaefer Center for Public Policy at The University of Baltimore. CPM offers a structured and collaborative learning environment, where participants engage with like-minded professionals and industry experts. The program provides a unique opportunity to learn from a diverse group of industry experts, who bring different perspectives and experiences to the program.

Participants connect with industry leaders, mentors, and fellow professionals which opens doors for future collaborative and career advancement. Overall, the program is cutting-edge and offers an excellent opportunity to enhance skills and network in a supportive environment.”

Kelly Vaughn, HPhD, CPM, CBC, LC
Senior Director, Office of Community Engagement
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development*

*Position held by participant when she completed the program.